Anti Aging Cream Mask

?Following on from Ultimate Repair Cream, Ultimate Eye Cream and Vital Elixir, the SPECIFICS range has been enriched with a new innovative product! 

What makes it so innovative?

A product that provides the fast, intensive action of a MASK, while also acting as long and as deeply as a CREAM. The skin is visibly revitalized! 

The Beauty benefits:

A product with a dual anti-aging action. 

In just a few minutes, it provides all the benefits of a mask: 

The skin is revitalized. It recovers all its energy and looks more relaxed, infinitely softer and more supple.  

In a few hours, it provides all the benefits of a cream:

Wrinkles are smoothed on waking and the skin is denser, more toned… It's today's must-have!  ???





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