The story of the Clinica Ivo Pitanguy began in Brazil – a country where the cult of beauty is considered sacred. 

In 1963, the famous Professor Ivo Pitanguy, the "father of cosmetic surgery", founded the Clinica Ivo Pitanguy in Rio de Janeiro. Throughout the world of plastic surgery, it is a prestigious and renowned institution, a temple of talent, innovation and scientific knowledge.  

Within this context, the Professor's daughter, Doctor Gisela Pitanguy, created the Health and Beauty Center.

This prestigious multidisciplinary establishment offers patients all the very latest dermocosmetic techniques and the most effective cosmetic treatments. Customized products are made there specifically to prepare the skin for surgery and optimize or complement its effects. 

And so BEAUTY by CLINICA IVO PITANGUY was born… at the request of patients who wanted to prolong the benefits of these customized, exceptional products at home.  

BEAUTY by CLINICA IVO PITANGUY is a scientific, luxurious and ethical brand.



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