For decades, Professor Ivo Pitanguy has passionately celebrated eternal beauty and youth by offering women a world of excellence, performance and outstanding results.   

By drawing on its strong medical and scientific heritage, BEAUTY by CLINICA IVO PITANGUY has been able to transform essential skincare steps into moments of luxury, pure pleasure and performance. 

We take a pro-active approach to research and constantly focus on innovation, combining high standards with rigor and audacity. We endeavor to mimic the functioning of the skin, in order to enhance the safety and performance of our products, so that they act as close to cells as possible. 

We are dedicated to creating exclusive beauty products that act with precision to fight all the signs of aging and ingeniously combine the riches of plants from the Amazonian forest with the biotechnology of our expert laboratories.  

Now you can defy time and enhance your beauty…
For every product we develop, we stay true to our philosophy:

We bring your skin the very best.
We love to see visible results.



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