The Gold Repair Complex = Peptides + particles of pure gold.


Within this complex, peptides are combined with particles of pure gold, enabling them to penetrate more deeply and therefore act even more effectively on very deep wrinkles



A peptide is a very small biological molecule made from several amino acids. Due to their size and configuration, peptides are powerful mediators and effectors that enable the skin to repair itself and effectively fight skin aging. 

Pure Gold

The secret to beauty is pure gold…

Or so it was for Diane de Poitiers, mistress of the French King Henry II, 20 years younger than her. It is said that she never wore makeup, consumed drinkable gold and remained exceptionally beautiful over the years. Because it is perfectly biocompatible (i.e. accepted by the human body), pure gold (the metal without alloys) is now being used again in medical imaging, cancerology and aesthetic medicine.



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