Our effective formulas are composed of Hyper-specialized Peptides.

These small biological molecules, made from several amino acids, are high-performance effectors that enable the skin to fight the effects of aging in a completely new way.  

Each peptide has been rigorously selected to provide precise and targeted action.

To REGENERATE and FIRM the skin

Peptide "Pt3" targets the deepest wrinkles, metabolic and degradation wrinkles (caused by damaging factors such as the environment, sun exposure, pollution and stress). 

Found in: Dermomask, Rebalancing Formula

To DENSIFY and RESCULPT the skin

Peptide "Pt6" targets the finest lines: physiological wrinkles (caused by aging). It increases cell renewal and vitality, and restores density to the skin. 
Found in: Face Lifting Formula, Lifting Serum, Neck Lifting Formula 

To SMOOTH and RELAX the skin

Peptide "PPt6" targets expression lines caused by facial movements (life lines). It reduces skin tension and relaxes the most tense areas.  

Found in: Instant Lifting Cure 

To PROTECT the skin

Peptide "PPt4" targets all wrinkles and all skin structures. It repairs cells, increases their life span, and provides them with optimal anti-aging protection.

Found in: Restoring Formula 



The corneocytes (dead cells) are interconnected through corneodesmosomes consisting of two proteins. The Perfection Peptide P3 mimics the structure of the membership site between proteins and thus opens the corneodesmosomes and detach quickly corneocytes

Found in: Illuminating Cure


Peptide "HPt4" targets areas that lack hydration. It increases the skin's level of tolerance to thermal and hydric shocks. Even in the harshest conditions, it maintains skin hydration. 

Found in: Hydra Serum


Peptide "Pt4" targets crow's-feet lines, dark circles, puffiness and sagging eyelids – caused by fatigue, stress and aging. It detoxifies, improves drainage and invigorates the skin, reduces dark circles and puffiness and tones up the eyelids.  

Found in: Eyecontour Lifting Gel, Restoring Eye Cream 

To PLUMP the lips and SMOOTH the lip contour

Peptide "PPt1" targets loss of volume in the lips and helps to smooth lip-contour lines. It preserves and strengthens the subcutaneous structure, restores the shape of the lips and smoothes the lip contour. Combined with hyaluronic acid, it provides remarkable filling action. 

Found in: Lips & Contour Formula 



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